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Hello! My name is Rhys Herzberg and I'm a university student in British Columbia. I grew up in the prairies, living in Saskatchewan and Alberta for 17 years. My family has been in Canada for several generations, having immigrated from Sweden, Germany, and other such countries. We've been farmers for generations, and I am the second generation to complete high school.

These days, I live in the Okanagan of B.C., on Syilx/Okanagan Nation territory. I'm an engineering undergraduate system with an interest in electric engineering, especially accessible technology both in the biomedical and power systems fields. I'm especially interested in how I can incorporate decolonization and reconciliation into my future career, given the amount of times engineers contribute to projects that further encroach on the lives, lands, and lifestyles of a variety of First Nations.

Additionally, I'm a queer transman who uses he/him or they/them pronouns.

Rhys H.

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